A boutique law firm devoted entirely to
protecting the rights of medical practices and
physicians who treat patients with personal injury claims.


Before opening The Doctor’s Lawyer, PLLC, Aaron practiced on the defense side of personal injury litigation. So, he knows how the insurance companies and defense law firms will attack medical practices that treat patients with personal injury claims.


Florida judges invited Aaron to co-write Chapter 6 of the Florida Handbook on Civil Discovery Practice, which is a general guide to the niche area of law in which Aaron practices.


As a staff attorney at the Florida Supreme Court, Aaron honed the analytical abilities and persuasive writing techniques that it takes to develop and guide this evolving niche area of law for the benefit of his clients.

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We focus on delivering quality and value to our clients. We achieve this through practical and innovative legal solutions. We look forward to providing you our knowledge and expertise.

We bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspective to offer our clients breakthrough insights.

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Bullet-Proof Your Office and Billing Practices

The liability insurance industry is looking for certain red flags in your practice by which to argue that you have a financial bias and that the defense has the right to discover your trade secrets. We diminish exposure to these arguments by:

Protect Your Trade Secrets to Maximize Recovery on Your Charged Amounts

We cannot entirely block the liability insurance industry from obtaining records and taking depositions. We can ensure that in responding to records requests and providing depositions, you disclose as little trade secret information as possible. We accomplish this by:

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We have been leading in this niche area of law since 2008. We take pride in the strong relationships that we have built.

We are uniquely qualified to represent medical providers who treat patients in personal injury litigation.

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